1943 1c Mint Error Struck on Silver 10c Planchet PCGS AU 55

  • Obverse Holder 1943 Mint error
  • 1943 1c Silver Penny Reverse Holder
  • Close up obverse Silver 1943 Lincoln Cent
  • Penny Error Close up Reverse
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Headed to strong hands in The Backcountry ... Thanks RW !

A lot of people talk about 1943 pennies and that they may have a silver one, and while they may have the right color penny, most of those are zinc plated steel. The famed error for the 1943 penny is the copper issue, as the US Mint switched metals from copper to steel in order to conserve the copper for the war effort. While the mint tested a variety of metals and alloys in the process of settling on steel, they certainly didn’t mean for this one to be released into the wild. 


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