3 Recommended Coins For Every Coin Collector’s Cabinet

3 Recommended Coins For Every Coin Collector’s Cabinet

3 Recommended Coins For Every Coin Collector’s Cabinet

Below is a list of some of the coins that we recommend to collectors wishing to add some numismatic gravitas to their coin collection. These coins are visually appealing, often absolute or conditional rarities and, as such, casual collectors to advanced numismatists covet these coins. They are issues that have an easily identifiable historical price trajectory. While the coin market is speculative and past history is no guarantee of the future performance, it can, however, be a useful place to start. Careful analysis of the data surrounding each coin should be a vital part of any numismatic acquisition. Mintages, survival estimates, rarity and originality are some of the factors we consider when selecting a coin.

1. 1856 Flying Eagle Cent

  • Designed by James Barton Longacre
  • Original Mintage estimates are between 2000-3000 coins
It interesting to note that in May of 2003, an NGC VF 30 specimen sold at a Heritage auction for $6900. In August 2011, the exact same coin sold at auction, also Heritage, for $9775. In Top Population MS 66, PCGS has indicated a population of 2, with three auction appearances in the last 12 years…$83,375 in June of 2000, $103,500 in January of 2003 and finally a stunning $172,500 in January of 2004. This is with a 2 coin population, so that is a fairly compelling statement on the desirability of this issue.

2. 1911-D Strong D $2.50 Quarter Eagle
Designed by Bela Lyon Pratt with a scant original mintage of 55680, this is the key date to the Indian Quarter Eagle series. It has a somewhat spotty price history, but better quality issues seem to always bring strong money. In May of 2000, and NGC AU 50 example sold for $1335 and in September of 2012 another NGC AU 50 sold for $4994. Higher grade examples are very difficult to obtain, and as with all coins, quality and originality are key factors. These higher grade records indicate some nice appreciation…In February of 2000 a PCGS MS 64 sold for $16,962 and another in August of 2012 for $24,675. As with most coins, CAC stickers always seem to enhance the value and liquidity of the Quarter Eagles.

3. 1907 High Relief Double Eagle
This is thought by many to be the most beautiful coin ever minted. It was famously designed by Augustus St. Gaudens at the behest of President Theodore Roosevelt, who was said to be disappointed by the lack of beauty in American Coinage. While the original mintage figure of 11,250 seems somewhat low, the coin is generally available in a wide condition range. The general consensus is that this coin is popular due to its beauty. Nevertheless, the price history is fairly strong for examples displaying overall quality and originality. In July of 2002, a PCGS AU58 sold for $6,210. In November of 2011 another of the same grade hammered for $13,800. In October of 2002, a PCGS MS 64 sold for $16,100.Ten years later, in October of 2012, another PCGS MS 64 sold for $32,900.
1907 $20 High Relief Wire Rim PCGS & CAC MS64
1907 $20 High Relief Wire Rim PCGS & CAC MS64

Please call The Happy Coin to find out more about adding any of these coins to your collection…800-544-3750. Chris Moran is a full time coin dealer and a member of the Professional Numismatists Guild. See his website atwww.thehappycoin.com

Feb 25th 2017 Chris Moran

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