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Browse for valuable US quarters online from your favorite coin dealer, The Happy Coin! The quarter dollar coin has been in production since 1796 and since its first minting, has undergone about six different designs. Many of the coin design names share a similar name to other denominations; they include the Draped Bust quarter, Capped Bust quarter, Seated Liberty quarter, Barber quarter, Standing Liberty quarter and the Washington Quarter. In 1999, the State Quarter’s program began, distributing a series of coins with Washington on the obverse and a different State depicted on the reverse. Five Quarters were issued each year, ending in 2009 with the District of Columbia and U.S. Territories. In 2010, the 56 Issue America the Beautiful Quarter program began, minting a series of coins with Washington on the obverse and a different National Park or Monument on the reverse. Each year, five new national site designs will be issued in the order which the honored site was first established.

The Seated Liberty quarters were produced from 1838 – 1891. In 1866, the original design of the Seated Liberty quarter (with no motto) was replaced by a quarter with “In God We Trust” inscribed on the reverse. Like its name, the Seated Liberty quarter shows Liberty seated on a rock. After this coin, the Barber quarter was introduced between 1892 and 1916. Following the Barber quarter dollar coin, the Standing Liberty was minted. As with the Seated Liberty, this coin features Liberty on the obverse side, but in this design she is standing.

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Apr 1st 2016 Chris Moran

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