​Certified Silver & Gold Dollar Coins

​Certified Silver & Gold Dollar Coins

US dollar coins can be made from gold, silver or other metals; though because the first minted dollar coins back in 1794 were made of silver, it’s common to refer to any composition white dollar coin as a ‘silver’ and the golden colored coins as ‘golden dollars.’ United States dollar coins are still minted, despite a low frequency of usage due to the prevalence of the dollar bill.

Morgan Silver Dollar

Undoubtedly one of the most common silver dollars, the Morgan silver dollar replaced the Seated Liberty dollar and was minted inconsistently between 1878 and 1921. The Morgan dollar derives its name from the designer of the coin, George T. Morgan. Morgan designed the obverse side of the Morgan coin to feature a profile of Lady Liberty with the reverse featuring an eagle with outstretched wings. At The Happy Coin we feature a large selection of silver Morgan dollars, including the extremely rare 1893 S Morgan Dollar. This silver dollar’s value far exceeds its face value both for its uniqueness and limited availability.

More Silver Dollars with Value

Beyond the highly searched Morgan silver dollar, we also carry Seated Liberty dollar coins, Peace Dollars and Eisenhower dollars. One particular hard-to-find coin we carry is the 1869 Seated Liberty Dollar PCGS Proof 64. If you have another coin on your Want list, give us a call and we’ll be happy to reach out to our connections within the industry to quickly find you your coin at the most affordable price possible!!

Apr 1st 2016 Chris Moran

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